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Fall Colors

Fri, 10/23/2015 — Jordane

It's cooling down and the leaves are starting to burst into full color!


Malus 'Snowdrift'


Acer rubrum 'Sun Valley'

Acer saccharum 'Fall Fiesta'


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Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Container Availability

Fri, 10/16/2015 — superadmin

Our fall 2015 Container Availability is online now!   Click here to take a look at what we have now and some exciting stuff coming in the spring! 

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Fri, 08/28/2015 — superadmin

We have some great crops of hydrangeas that have come on for fall and spring.  They are full and lush and outstanding!  

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue'


Hydrangea macrophylla 'Lady in Red'


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Mon, 08/24/2015 — superadmin

Moon Nurseries is a DNREC approved supplier of Biosoil-14.  The specifications for this mix can be read here on page 25.   Please feel free to contact MOON if you have any questions or need a quote!

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Fri, 07/31/2015 — superadmin

The last day in July, we can hardly believe it.  There are lots of good looking plants here at the farm :


Spiraea j. 'Neon Flash' Flowers

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Compacta'


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Fri, 07/24/2015 — superadmin

We had another scorcher this week but the plants are enjoying the bright sun! 

Hydrangea paniculata 'Silver Dollar' 

8' Tall x  5' Wide  Zone 3 

White Panicle flowers in Summer




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Fri, 07/17/2015 — superadmin

We have some great young crops of hydrangea coming up for sale this summer.

Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom'

Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA1' INVINCIBELLE SPIRIT'



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What's Hot 7-10-15

Fri, 07/10/2015 — superadmin

Its a right sunny day on the farm in July!  We have some great plants that are just loving the warm weather and rain! 



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We still have flowers!

Fri, 05/15/2015 — superadmin

The Nursery has lots of material thats in bloom, or coming into bloom.  We also have some hot looking containers!  (see photos below).  Please contact your sales representative for an availability of pre-dug trees. 


Azalea 'Roehr's Tradition'

Crataegus v. 'Winter King'

Azalea 'Roehr's Tradition' Flowers

Chionanthus virginicus (sweet smelling)

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May Day

Fri, 05/01/2015 — superadmin

Happy May Day everyone!   In order to participate in the traditional northern hemisphere celebration of Spring- we have some great photos of spring flowers ! 



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