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Mon, 08/24/2015 — superadmin

Moon Nurseries is a DNREC approved supplier of Biosoil-14.  The specifications for this mix can be read here on page 25.   Please feel free to contact MOON if you have any questions or need a quote!

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Maryland Biofiltration Soil Requirements

Wed, 12/30/2009 — Anna

Weeds - Free of seed and viable plant parts of species in 920.06.02(a)(b)(c) when inspected. Debris - 920.01.05(a)(2) Textural Analysis - Sand 2.0-0.50, Silt 0.050-0.002, Clay less than 0.002 Soil pH - pH of 5.7-7.1 Organic Matter - Minimum 1.5% by weigth Nutrient Analysis and Soluble Sales - Calcium (Ca) 32 ppm, 25 FV, Magnesium (Mg) 15 ppm, 25 FIV, Phosphorus, 18 ppm, 25 FIV: MAX 92 ppm, 100 FIV, Ptassium (K) 22 ppm, 25 FIV, Sulfur (SO4) 25 ppm, Soluble Sales 40 ppm Harmful Material - 920.01.01(a)

Category:   Bio Soil